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Luca Bragato commenced his career at a very young age, like many who are born in the Jesolo area where tourism and gastronomy have always been central activities.

The opening together with his wife, Patricia of the Borgo San Rocco Wine bar in 1993, represents the first important step.

A classic environment, warm and elegant, boasting wine labels from Italy, France and the rest of the World together with younger wines and others carefully chosen for patient ageing over the years.

As you enter the space you are welcomed by a large communal table dominated by a fresco depicting the old Oderzo market, painted by Luca himself, for whom painting is another great passion.

The Bistro tables facing a long bar and the fresh summer breeze on the terrace. Here, for Luca Bragato, it is not just a wine bar, not just a trend, but rather a reflection of his passion for his profession of hosting. He was among the first to subscribe to the "Circolo delle Enoiteche", and he has always adhered to his philosophy of uncorking a bottle even if it is only for a single glass.

The "enoiteca" definition derives from the adjective "enoico" (wine related) from the greek word "oinoicheios" (who is familiar with wine): a neologism coined by Mauro Lorenzon from the Mascerata Enoteca in Venice, to indicate selected places where the philosophy of a refined and knowledgeable degustation is adopted. All wine bars adhering to the AIE Associazione Internazionale delle Enoiteche (International Association of Einoteche) are required to respect a rigorous Decalogue:

  • - a representation of at least 100 wines produced from different vines and vocations;
  • - a representation of at least 10 Italian regions;
  • - a representation of at least 5 French regions;
  • - a representation of at least 2 types of wine produced abroad, excluding France;
  • - 70% of the wines offered will be by direct wine producers;
  • - service with transparent stemmed glasses: flute, wine glasses for white, rose' and young red wines, glasses for mature red wines, glasses for dessert wines or liqueurs;
  • - a representation and sale by the glass of at least 5 types of grappa;
  • - One kind of brandy;
  • - Periodic rotation of wines by the glass, with fortnightly rotation of 24 types of wines according to the following categories: sparkling wines of charmat method, sparkling wines of the classic method, champagne, still white wines, still rose' wines, still red wines, dessert wines and liqueurs;
  • - Obligation of exposition of the "Enoiteca" logo.

From the pantry of the Borgo San Rocco wine bar, you will surely demand the 'cicchetti' of the Venetian tradition, but also on offer are a selection of cured meats and cheeses (either local, national or French) and if you wish, you are welcome to dine at GranCasa restaurant and enjoy the local delights from our kitchen.

From the cellar, there is a vast selection of wines on offer, with more than 600 labels reflecting current market trends and the taste of Luca himself. Some of the wines on offer include: Anselmi, Bigai, Molon, De Tarzcal, Haderburg, Schioppetto, Poggio di Sotto, De Bartoli, Colosi, and Terradora. The bubbles are represented by the homegrown labels of Bellavista, Ca'del Bosco, Cavalieri, Gatti. From France we have Billecart-Salmon, Roederer, Krug, and Bollinger.

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