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The Hotel and Restaurant GranCasa is the ideal starting base for visiting the cities of Oderzo, Treviso, Venice and their surrounds, as well as the cities of Pordenone, Udine and Trieste.

From the city of Oderzo, in just a few minutes you will be able to reach both the seaside (Jesolo and Caorle) and the mountains (Cansiglio and Alpago).

In the mid '800s, in the centre of the city of Oderzo, evidence of an ancient roman Opitergium was discovered. Since this time, excavations have brought to surface mosaics, floors and foundations, necropolis, hot springs and docks of a river port. Part of the archeological discoveries are preserved in the Oderzo Civic Museum.
Other ruins of Roman origin constitute an archeological tour that winds throughout the town:

  • - The Roman forum between via Roma and via Mazzini with ruins from a Basilica and ancient boutiques;
  • - The 1st century A.C. hot springs in via Savonarola;
  • - The paved pedestrian tunnel of Piazza Castello;
  • -The Necropolis in via Spinè
  • - The floors and mosaics in Piazza Foro Boario;
  • - The river port in via delle Grazie;
  • - The well and Roman road at the intersection between via Roma and via Dalmazia;

Treviso and its surrounds
Located just a few kilometers from Venice, Treviso is a unique combination of art, history, natural beauty, hospitality and great food, able to charm every visitor and remain deep in the hearts of those who venture into its locations. Picturesque locations that change continuously, from the harmony of the plains and the tops of the Prealpi Trevigiane, to the soft hills of Prosecco, then the woods of Montello and Cansiglio, through to the large cities and small villages that make the territories of the Marca 'Joyous and Harmonious', a mosaic of beauty to be discovered.

An appeal born from an ancient past that left behind a rich artistic and cultural heritage, from Paleovenetians to the present day, to be discovered in the many museums, churches, villas, palaces and ancient villages that are spread throughout the province of Treviso.

Borgo san rocco Enoiteca

Hail sparkling wine
glittering in the glass.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Visit the Borgo San Rocco Wine bar