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Since 2005, the management of Hotel Restaurant GranCasa has been carried out by Luca Bragato and his wife Patricia, who from 1993 have also run the historical Borgo San Rocco wine bar next door.

The Hotel, with its 25 comfortable and fully equipped rooms, is able to satisfy each and every need of business customers as well as the needs of families and tourists.

Guests will discover a warm and comfortable environment in a familiar and intimate setting with attentive but relaxed service.

The Hotel Restaurant Grancasa, in order to provide a complete service to its guests, offers the opportunity to enjoy the local seasonal cuisine at its restaurant, which is also open to the general public. Luca Bragato has earned a reputation for this restaurant with his meticulous attention to detail in his selection of produce and ingredients.

You will find the same attention to detail at the Borgo San Rocco wine bar, which has become a meeting point for wine enthusiasts thanks to the high quality of products on offer and warm hospitality. The Hotel and Wine Bar also boast a highly central geographical position, right between Venice, Treviso, Asolo, Valdobbiadene and Conegliano.

Borgo san rocco Enoiteca

Hail sparkling wine
glittering in the glass.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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